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Le Betulle, within its domain, offers various possibilities for sporting activities, with suitable equipment to do such.

For those who love sports are available:

VOLLEY fitness PING PONG Strabetulle swimming pool petanque Minitennis Bikewalks

  • A pool 18x11 m
  • 2 mini tennis courts
  • a volleyball court
  • 3 table tennis
  • 2 cycling- cardio hometrainers


Every year, on the last Sunday of July, the “Strabetulle” takes place. A running tour on the domain of Le Betulle, suitable for all ages.
In an atmosphere of friendship the "Strabetulle" is also a time to meet and socialize with the Italian and foreign guests, that culminates with the awards and refreshments for all.

Mountain bike

Both around ‘Le Betulle’ and in the immediate surroundings there are a number of more or less challenging trails for mountain bikers.
Directly from ‘Le Betulle’ one can follow the trails in the area along the river ‘Ceronda’.
The river borders the park ‘La Mandria’.
Cycle one further, one arrives at the park entrance (gate Bizzaria).
For the ‘cycling enthusiast’ an ideal environment to make a trip through the middle of nature!
There you can also find activities suitable for children, from ages six and older.
Another interesting place, 20 minutes by car, is the Natural Park of Avigliana.  Here unfold trails of varying difficulty, where you can immerse yourself in the midst of the forests and around the banks of the lakes, or on the low side of the mountain Musiné.

Around Turin you can find golf clubs that offer courses of various levels of play, different services to guests and different prices..
Nearby Le Betulle

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