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A half-hour drive from Le Betulle lies the Valli di Lanzo (other beautiful valleys in the area are: Tesso, Valley Malone, Val di Viu, Val Grande and Val di Ale) where you can enjoy fantastic walks or real mountain hiking in the unspoiled nature with lakes, forests and enchanting landscapes.
In the mountain villages there are many restaurants and trattorias who serve great food and wine.


For those who love history and culture, there are many great sites and stories to be found in the historic towns and pituresque Chapels.
One of the stories you can find, is the one of the passage of Hanibal through The Val di Viu at Step dell'Autaret.
In the office, you can get more information, detailed maps of the routes in the alps.

In addition you can book short breaks, directly at the secretariat and also overnight stays in shelters such as Gastaldi-Cibrario-Tazzetti.
Also recommended is a visit to the Refuge Salvin Place (Rifugio Salvin), especially for families with children. it is a farm, located at 1580 meters in the Valli di Lanzo (Lanzo Valley). The road from Lanzo to Mecca is fine, but from Mecca you will start a 8 km long adventure, driving over a gravel road, but.... one will always arive savely at the destination.

The owners of this family business are Beppe (Italian) and Susan (English). They greet everybody warmly and very hospitable. You can enjoy delicious food, with home.made products, in a very homely and relaxed atmosphere.
They also offer the opportunity to stay overnight.

Beautiful mountain hikes start from this location (you can receive information in Salvin)
Path and Trails in Lanzo Valleys

Tipical products of Lanzo.

Among the tipical products of the Lanzo we indicate:
Toma di Lanzo, Salame Turgia, Torcetti, i Grissini, (long, thin bread sticks), Amaro of Lanzo, (a sort of bitter) Toma di Lanzo, who recently received the coveted recognition of D.O.P is a semi cooked cheese made from whole- or semi skimmed cow’s milk, reminding by ‘Pantaleone' da Confienza in ‘Summa Lacticinorum’ (1477).

The Torcetti, born as sweets, prepared with the remaining dough bread, passed in the sugar and cooked in wood-fired ovens, consist of small strips of dough, prepared with wheat flour, butter, yeast, malt and salt; dusted with sugar direct after backing, therefore it has a transparent almost caramelized crust.

I Grissini (thin bread sticks) were ‘invented’ in 1684 by doctor Teobaldo Pecchio, he let the court baker Antonio Brunero make a special bread, the long, thin bread sticks, suitable for the delicate stomach of Vittorio Amedeo, Duke of Savoy.

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